Kristen Pugh Photography


I am based in Birmingham, AL but am available to travel upon request. I graduated from The University of Alabama, majoring in Marketing in 2016 and I have pursued full-time photography ever since I graduated. I have been second shooting weddings for over 3 years and have shot weddings on my own for over 2 years. I have shot in Atlanta, Tuscaloosa, Texas, Wisconsin, Auburn, and Birmingham so far. This year I will be shooting weddings in Texas, California, 30a, Florence, AL, and Wisconsin!


I have a wonderful and supportive husband, John, who is actually a paratrooper and a full-time active duty soldier stationed here in Birmingham. We have two dogs, a lab mix named Cater and a puppy golden retriever named Fergie. When we aren’t cooking or watching a movie or show together (usually The Office, Gilmore Girls, or Parks and Rec), we love going on walks with our dogs, trying new restaurants or shopping for pieces to fill up our brand new home. I have a passion for being around people! I love making new friends, and I love making my brides and clients feel like friends.


I think what inspires me the most are the individual lifestyles and personalities of my clients! I love to get to know my clients beforehand by meeting for coffee (or taco’s if that’s your thing) and learning more about them so that I can bring their personalities out the most during their session. I so enjoy adventuring to new places and traveling (especially when I can bring my amazing husband along). For every session, my goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible and to make sure YOU are having fun. Because if you aren’t having fun, I’m not doing my job!